Pennies for Patients Update

This is the third and final week of our Pennies for Patients program. Our school total from the first two weeks is amazing- $3380.92! It would be so exciting if we made the Top 20 earners list and had our school listed in P4P national newsletter. We are very close to the amounts that made the list last year! While at home, let’s try and give one more push and motivate the kids to finish strong – we can make that list!!

There will be TWO classes which will win pizza parties. There is also the opportunity for every class to earn a pennant to be hung in your classrooms. The pennants are based on individual class totals and are broken down by the following criteria:
$100- $199 A Bronze Pennant
$200- $299 A Silver Pennant
$300+ A Gold Pennant

Most of the classes are within reach of at least the bronze pennant, but some of our younger, smaller classes could use some help. Any staff members who were planning to make a donation, can designate their donation to be added to a specific class. If every class could make it to $100 and earn a Bronze Pennant, that would be such an accomplishment!

Is your child in one of the top 3 classes??
First Place: Fleet
Second Place: Duncan
Third Place: Arosemena.

However, some classes did really well in week 2, and are in position to challenge the leaders! Here are the class totals so far (Week 1 + Week 2):

O’Tool $50.95
Taylor $91.02
Mitchell $105.50
Smith $88.19
Master $99.15
Reynolds $107.23
Chung $138.15
Kambanis $78.37
Hughes $163.65
Otunba $65.86
Fleet $304.61
Massie $121.86
Arosemena $220.75
Duncan $244.84
McGilvray $157.27
Bokhari $176.43
Simms $179.39
Marin $57.95
Lethbridge $96.00
Cox $129.88
Newmeyer $112.57
Lee $47.39
Yoon $130.43
Jacobs $139.45
Howe’s $34.72
Clay $104.27
Finney $32.77
Schmiech $90.33

Any value of coins, paper money, or checks made out to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, are welcome and very appreciated! There are extra individual boxes in the mailroom and on the PTA table in the front of the school for anyone who wants one, or needs a new one.

ADULTS! You can help too! Any donations you would like to make to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society can be sent to the PTA Box in the Main Office by next Friday, March 2nd.

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you have given to this program.

The last collection for students will be this Friday morning – let’s make it count!

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