Cluster PTA Meeting July 2, 2019 7-9pm

The RM cluster coordinators will convene a cluster PTA meeting next Tuesday, July 2, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Richard Montgomery HS media center.  The meeting is open to any PTA member.  The draft agenda is:

  1. Richard Montgomery HS IB magnet program.

For background, note these comments to the Board of Education:$file/Cynthia%20Simonson.pdf (Cynthia Simonson, MCCPTA VP Educational Issues)$file/Ronald%20Frezzo.pdf (Ron Frezzo former Director Choral Dept RMIB)

June 24:$file/Melissa%20King.pdf (Melissa King, RMHS IB parent)$file/Christie%20Berman%20.pdf (Christie Berman, RMHS IB parent)$file/Kim%20Testa.pdf (Kim Testa, RMHS IB parent)

May 14:$file/Rodney%20Peele.pdf (Rodney Peele)

May 30:$file/Rodney%20Peele.pdf (Rodney Peele)

June 11:$file/Rodney%20Peele.pdf (Rodney Peele)

  1. Richard Montgomery HS artificial turf.

For background, see these comments:$file/Jennifer%20Young.pdf (Jennifer Young)

  1. Principal Selection at Ritchie Park ES.

See:$file/Cynthia%20Simonson.pdf (MCCPTA)

Summer MCCPTA Area Meeting for RM cluster scheduled for July 22



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