Twinbrook PTA Board Position Descriptions

The elected positions are president, 2 vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer, making up the Executive Committee. The two MCCPTA Delegates are board members and appointed by the board. The Board of Directors is made up of the Executive Committee, the principal, and standing committee chairs. Board members are expected to attend monthly PTA meetings and board meetings. The board will determine the number of board meetings. See below about MCCPTA Delegate commitments. The terms are for one year, July 1-June 30. Although there are few PTA meetings during the summer, there are County training opportunities and planning needs that would mean board members do need to have some availability during the summer and especially towards the end of August, depending on their position.

Given how busy everyone is, daily access to email would be helpful.
As always, we strive to represent our whole school (men/women, grade levels of children, ethnicity, race, and language), but spoken English proficiency is important. The materials and communication that come from MCPS and MCCPTA are in English and meetings are conducted in English.

1) MCCPTA Delegates and Alternate. MCCPTA (Montgomery County Council of PTAs) Delegates are expected to attend the MCCPTA meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month (7:30-9:30pm), represent Twinbrook PTA, and report back to the Board and the membership on County PTA resolutions and activities.

2) Vice Presidents. Our bylaws call for 2, 1 as admin/membership and 1 as programs/fundraising. Some availability during the day is helpful but not crucial. The VP for Membership recruits and keeps track of PTA members. The VP for Fundraising supervises fundraising activities for the PTA.

3) Treasurer. The Treasurer needs to be computer literate, comfortable with money, and highly detailed. For the most part the Treasurer does NOT need to be available during the day. They must submit a monthly income/expenditures report and a budget-to-actual report, and help with tax documents and the PTA bank account.

4) Secretary. The secretary needs to be comfortable WRITING — good grammar, spelling, organization, etc. The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at all meetings (board and general), presenting the minutes at meetings, keeping copies of all records and having them available at meetings including membership lists, bylaws, insurance documents, etc. S/he also helps the president prepare meeting agendas by keeping track of action items and the calendar. The Secretary does NOT need to be available during the day.

5) President. The president is expected to preside over the general and board meetings, and the MCCPTA Meeting. S/he is the point of contact for other PTA presidents, the County PTA, and the primary liaison from MCPS and the school to the parents. Some daily availability would be very helpful.