Join the PTA

Why should you join the PTA? Get the facts!

It’s good for your children!

  • You are your child’s most important role model.  By joining you show your child that you value their education.
  • Research has shown that children whose parents are involved in their school get better results and have fewer disciplinary problems.

It’s good for you!

  • At PTA meetings, you can raise concerns, suggest ideas and have input on how funds are spent.
  • You will meet new people and make new friends.
  • You can use your existing skills and hobbies to help out with school events.
  • You will be in the know.  You will find out what’s going on at the school and get to know the staff better.

It’s good for the school!

  • Schools are becoming more dependent on PTA’s for fundraising to supplement school budgets.
  • You will play an important role in helping the school acquire resources and reward children.
  • Our fundraising supports:
  • Programs/supplies not in the school budget, including field trips
  • Evening events for families
  • School yearbooks
  • Books and websites used in the classroom
  • School assemblies

Will joining the PTA require me to attend meetings and volunteer lots of hours?  

No! We are all busy parents with jobs and responsibilities. We encourage you to attend PTA meetings and volunteer at events, but neither of those is required. Every PTA meeting features information about what’s happening at school and provides some fun, too. We hope you can volunteer however you can—being involved shows your children that school is important and connects you to the school community. You’re helping just by being a PTA member.

PayPal LogoYou can join the Twinbrook PTA online for the 2021-2022 school year. We now accept PayPal for online payment. Please click on the big blue and yellow button below to buy your membership!

Important notes:

  • BASIC membership dues are $10 per person. Members join the PTA email group, receive a membership card and voting privileges!
  • PREMIUM membership dues are $25 per person. Members join the PTA email group, receive a membership card, voting privileges, and a Rockville Rewards discount card!

To join the PTA, please use this Google Form.

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